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MatTek is the leading safety matting supplier for warehouse mats. MatTek’s range of industrial mats include comfort mats for packaging areas, non slip mats for grease and oil areas, welding mats, non conductive floor mats and many other varieties of safety warehouse mats.

Comfort for work benches

MatTek’s anti fatigue matting provides comfort underfoot promoting subtle foot movement to increase blood flow. Warehouse matting reduces fatigue, muscular pain and circulation problems.

Preventing fatigue in your workplace can benefit you by;

  • Reducing sick leave
  • Increasing productivity
  • Preventing injury

Warehouse mats are designed to combat fatigue, minimise slips, trips and falls and increase productivity in the factory.

Increases Productivity

Since fatigue is reduced, workers are more comfortable and happier which increases overall productivity. Research shows that an average of 3.5 hours is lost per week when your employees are fatigued or in some type of pain.
Anti fatigue mats, if properly maintained, improve productivity 10% over a typical work week.

Lowers Noise and Vibrations

Warehouses are noisy and prone to vibrations. Anti fatigue mats are made of rubber-like substances which dampens noises and absorbs vibrations.


For physically demanding industries such as manufacturing plants and factories, anti-fatigue mats are an essential pillar of employee health and safety. Heavy-duty safety mats provide a firm layer of cushioning between the soles of your shoes and the cold, hard floor.

One major cause of injury in these workplaces is slipping and falling. MatTek’s range of durable matting provide firm grip with both the floor and your employees’ shoes, substantially reducing this risk. Not only that, safety mats are built with a non-slip surface which is resistant to chemicals and greasy oils, meaning they substantially limit the number of nasty falls at work.

Warehouse Mats by MatTek

MatTek’s comprehensive Workplace Matting range is specifically designed to provide you with a cleaner, safer and healthier work environment. Reduce accident and work related injuries, and enhance employee comfort and productivity with our comprehensive range of quality Entrance, Anti Fatigue, Wet Area and various workplace mats.

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