Super Comfort

  • a pair of legs in black trousers, black workbooks and a yellow high visibility jacket is standing on a heavy duty anti fatigue comfort mat. There is a table stacked with boxes in front of them and a conveyer belt to their right.
  • The edge of the Supercomfort anti fatigue mat is shown with a Yellow Safety Border
  • The edge of the Supercomfort anti fatigue mat is shown with a Black Border
  • A lady serves customers at a checkout counter while standing on a black non slip, anti fatigue mat - the Super Comfort - that is fitted behind a checkout counter at Bunnings.


Super Comfort is a hardwearing, comfortable, non-slip anti-fatigue mat. It is used in dry, demanding work areas such as checkouts, counters, machines workbenches and workstations.

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Some of the great features include:

  • Extremely comfortable - provides relief from constant standing
  • Shallower bubbles will prevent wear holes and create less risk i.e. rolling ankles
  • Suction caps like feet reduces movement of the mat and substantially increases the mats comfort and durability


  • Thickness: 20mm
  • Warranty: 7 Years

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