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MatTek is committed to providing sustainable safety matting products and improving our processes to minimise impact on the environment.
When sourcing core products we focus on the 3 R’s;
1. Reduce – Can we maximise the life cycle of this product?
2. Reuse – Can this product be re-used for other applications?
3. Recycle – Can this matting be recycled at the end of its lifecycle?


MatTek continue to work with customers and suppliers to minimise waste and maximise life cycle of our products.

Reduce product turnover – By using high quality materials in the right areas and with the right cleaning and maintenance procedures we aim to extend the lifecycle of our matting products.

Reducing our Carbon footprint – We are proud to be ISO 9001 and ISO
14001 accredited. We only use similarly accredited suppliers, including 100% solar powered and carbon neutral plants.

Reduce Cleaning Chemicals – Effective entrance system can stop up to 94% of dirt and moisture entering a building, as a result this can save up to 65% of the lifetime cleaning costs of the floors reducing the use of cleaning chemicals.


MatTek are continually improving our take back programs or reuse programs for products that can be reused.

Reuse products – We work with our customers to provide recovery of used matting products and where possible recycle material into secondary synthetics including weed mats, outdoor non-slip matting and playground soft fall.

Replenish matting to make new products –  Some of our matting range can be replenished and reused and be as effective as the new product.


MatTek’s safety matting range comes from recycled raw material and we are working with suppliers to minimise products that are not and cannot be recycled.

Recycled Products – At Mattek all our main products contain recycled material, and this is the main criteria for us to investigate when producing new products. One of our main suppliers recycles approximately 1.25 million pounds of rubber preventing it going into landfill.

PVC Free by 2023

PVC is the most environmentally damaging plastic. The PVC lifecycle – its production, use, and disposal results in the release of toxic,
chlorine-based chemicals. This is why we are committing to eliminating PVC from our entrance and anti-fatigue mat range by the year 2023.

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