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Anti-Fatigue Mats for Dry Areas

At MatTek, we’re proud to say that we have been providing the best matting solutions for a variety of businesses throughout Australia since our inception in 1975. We pride ourselves on understanding exactly what you want and need for your business when purchasing various mats.

Comfort Foam Mats

Over the years, our comfort mats have become one of our most popular products, with many business owners and employees alike commenting on their superior quality and design.

Comfort Mats from MatTek

We wish to provide even more businesses throughout Australia with their own personalised comfort mats, so that their place of work can become more comfortable and more enjoyable for everyone.

Comfort for All Areas of Your Business

Comfort floor mat solutions can provide a range of health benefits to members of staff and improve their overall comfort. We have crafted a range of light to heavy-duty comfort mats, which can be tailor made to suit the flow of traffic that you expect to pass through a specific area within your business.

Our heavy-duty mats are best suited for businesses that have:

  • Industrial Areas
  • Kitchen Areas
  • Large Equipment
  • Hard Flooring

For those working in office or retail environments, our range of light to medium duty comfort mats provide the perfect solution.

All our comfort mats help improve circulation as the flexible surface allows for muscle contraction and expansion, meaning more oxygen gets through the blood and limits fatigue.

Foam Comfort Mats Ensuring Safety and Cleanliness

Although comfort is one of our primary objectives when creating our foam mats, we are also concerned with guaranteeing the absolute cleanliness and safety of the products we provide.

All our comfort foam mats have an element of traction control and many of our comfort foam mats have specially designed grooves to provide maximum grip for all types of surfaces. The traction control in our comfort mats means that the product doesn’t move from its original place, therefore limiting trip hazards more effectively than many similar products on the market.

Because of the nature of the materials we use, our comfort mats are extremely easy to clean and take minimum effort to maintain. The materials we use to produce our mats are of an extremely high standard, providing you with safe and reliable comfort mats for many years.

Reduce stress and fatigue with comfort mats from MatTek

You may expect standing in one place to be an easy assignment, but for personnel who are actually required to do this, it can be surprisingly difficult. The main reasons for the difficulty are physical ones. Standing still for too long can place significant stress on the feet, legs, and lower vertebral area.

In turn, this can lead to pain and fatigue. If not dealt with soon enough, the damage can take longer to heal and can even lead to long-term physical health problems.

The special anti-fatigue foam mats manufactured by MatTek are a solution to this serious problem. Using these mats will help prevent health problems and will increase workplace safety.

Why standing for a long time produces physical discomfort

When standing for a long time on a hard surface, the muscles at the heel and at the ball of the foot will eventually start to compress and flatten out. As this occurs, the muscles at the arch of the foot will begin to stretch. The blood vessels which supply blood to the muscles of the foot will also begin to compress, which changes the blood pressure and limits the exchange of gasses in the blood.

With less and less oxygen-rich blood arriving, plus more and more carbon dioxide-rich blood lingering around, the muscles will begin to experience muscular fatigue. This happens once the oxygen level in the blood to the affected muscles reaches a critical level.

Under normal circumstances, the body supplies energy to the muscles by burning glucose in the presence of oxygen (this provides energy as the primary output, with carbon dioxide and water as by-products). When there is insufficient oxygen in the blood to allow this reaction to take place properly, the body then burns glucose without oxygen, which leads to production of lactic acid.

It is the lactic acid that causes the aching sensation. When the muscles and nerves are completely overwhelmed by lactic acid, the muscle loses its ability to function normally until sufficient oxygenated blood arrives.

How a comfort floor mat helps alleviate the condition

When you use foam comfort mats, part of the physical stress is absorbed by the mat. Because the mat is able to spread the downward force over a wider area and absorb some of it, this changes the physiology involved.

First, the degree of compression that occurs in the sole of the foot is reduced, allowing more blood flow in the region. Second, the compression and decompression of the foam as a person shifts their weight or makes a slight postural adjustment will actually help with stimulating circulation.

This means less lactic acid production, or even no lactic acid production, and an ability to remain standing in one place for longer without experiencing discomfort in the feet, legs, and lower back.

Comfort foam mats can also improve safety

The added bonus of using MatTek mats is that the underside is made from a non-slip material, which helps reduce the risk of slipping. This provides more traction than a bare floor alone. The mat also provides insulation, reducing the risk of static electric discharge.

Find out more by contacting MatTek

We’re the Australian experts in floor mat technology. If you have any questions about the use of floor mats in your workplace environment, we have the answers. Call 1300 365 012 today and get the information you need.

Enquire About Our Comfort Foam Mats Today

We have an incredible range of foam comfort mats available and we know it can be difficult to decide what is the right one for you and your business. Our team can provide you with expert advice on the suitability of all our comfort mats and which ones are right for various areas of your business.

MatTek specialises in anti fatigue mats, rubber mat rolls, custom logo mats, chair mats, coir mats, entrance mats, outdoor mats, anti slip mats, shower mats, pool mats, runner mats, standing desk mats, cable cover mats and foam comfort mats.

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