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MatTek have a large range of mats for schools. These include non-slip mats, custom mats, personalised logo mats and door mats. Mats in schools help by;

  • Reducing slippery surfaces
  • Keeping floors clean
  • Removing germs and debris from soles of shoes
  • Up lift main entry with colour and style

Entry Mats for Schools

Learning Spaces deserve cleaner environments. Did you know a entrance mat can remove up to 80% of dirt and allergens from shoes?

As teachers and students travel into the school their shoes bring the outdoors in, be it rain, dirt or muck. The Placement of entry mats not only reduces slippery surfaces it also keeps facilities clean, reduces the spread of contamination and improves air quality.

• Compliant matting to Australian Standards
• Environment friendly mats for schools
• Custom size and shaped mats
• Reduces slippery and dirty floors in schools
• Largest range of mats for schools
• All our mats can be installed to suit existing mat well areas

Mats with school logo’s

Empower creative minds at the first step. First impressions are always the most memorable. The use of logo mats for schools helps brighten up the entrance and encourage positive mindsets.

Personal branded logo mats are a brilliant way of marketing and impressing your students, parents and visitors at the first instance. At MatTek we offer a large range of custom matting solutions to help you create the “WOW” factor in your facilities.

Non slip mats for schools

The best matting products for wet areas provide embossed and particle enhanced surfaces to help aid slip resistance. Our slip resistant mat solutions meet OH&S standards and is the best insurance to prevent slip and fall accidents and possible compensation costs.

Specialist mats for learning facilities

Other areas in education facilities that require matting include canteens, staff room, pools, change rooms, tech rooms and offices. MatTek offer solutions for all these areas to keep staff and students safe by preventing serious slip, trip and fall accidents.

MatTek – The professional in mats for schools

MatTek are dedicated to providing education facilities with safe and compliant matting solutions. Call us on 1300 365 012 or contact us to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements.

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