Minimise Static Buildup at the Office

10 Nov, 2017 - By mattek

Static shock is common among offices with carpets. Even offices that have hardwood floors can sometimes still lead to static build-up if you have partially carpeted areas.

While static is usually more of a nuisance and rarely life-threatening unless you work in a high-risk workplace, it can often be a source of discomfort. Indeed, static shock can be especially annoying if you have guests visiting your office and you have to shake their hands.

Static build-up can also attract dirt to your carpets, making it more difficult to clean and maintain. There are also some studies that claim that static electricity can cause computer failure – some estimates show that as many as 80% of computer failures are actually the result of static electricity.

Here are some tips to help you avoid static build-up at the office.

Use floor mats for chairs

The area underneath chairs are areas that are most prone to static buildup as employees shuffle around and go about their day. Static is generated when frequent rubbing causes electrons to jump from one object to another. When they stand up and touch something, or someone, who is not electrically charged, they may end giving them a shock.

With a sturdy floor mat, such as the ones from our collection of carpet and hard floor chair mats, you can minimise some of this friction and prevent the build-up of static electricity. Instead of rubbing against the floor, our mats stay in place and allow desk chairs to roll smoothly.

Increase the humidity in the room

Another way to minimise static build-up is to increase the humidity levels in the room. Install a humidifier in the room or make use of a built-in humidifier with your air conditioning.

MatTek offers a wide selection of commercial mats for your office. To learn more about how our mats benefit you, contact us today.

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