Why Use Anti-Fatigue Mats in the Workplace?

17 Nov, 2017 - By mattek

Standing for long hours every day is detrimental to one’s health and is common for people who work in the medical and construction industries. People in industries and services that require standing for prolonged periods of time are prone to fatigue and pain in their feet, ankles, legs, knees and back. This is wear anti-fatigue mats can help.

Besides body pains, people who work in jobs that have wet areas are at risk of slipping or falling. An effective way to counter these hazards is to use an anti-fatigue mat in the workplace. Anti-fatigue mats are made from vinyl or specialised rubber and are designed to reduce fatigue and prevent slips and falls.

Reduce Stress in the Workplace

Standing on a hard concrete floor for a long time causes leg muscles to tighten to keep the body upright. This decreases the blood flow in the lower limbs and makes the heart work harder to pump blood to all muscles, which results in fatigue. However, standing on an anti-fatigue mat reduces the tension on the lower limbs. This causes muscles to expand and contract and increases circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body. Overall, this makes workers feel more comfortable while standing for prolonged hours in the workplace.

Be More Productive

Feeling comfortable in the workplace helps in increasing productivity. Instead of taking breaks to ease their pain from standing, they can feel more comfortable and energised to continue their shift. In the long run, the mats will help keep workers healthy, and as a result, there is a reduction in the number of sick days they need to take.

Use Anti-Fatigue Mats From MatTek

MatTek’s ergonomic anti-fatigue matting provides cushioned flooring for workstations making them considerably more comfortable throughout their working day. We have a wide range of mats that are suitable for various workstations in different industries. To help your staff be more productive and lower the risk of accidents and injuries, use our anti-fatigue mats.

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