6 key Characteristics of an Effective entry mat

21 Sep, 2020 - By mattek

The difference between an effective entry mat system and an ineffective entrance mat can be a slip and fall accident.

When purchasing entry mats, loose lay entry mats or installing recessed entry mats it is important to consider the following aspects.

Entry matting are for safety, not to create a safety risk.

Ensuring entry mats comply with building standards and it increases the safety of your building is very important. Edges on recessed entry mats should be seamless with surrounding floor finishes. Loose lay entry mats should have quality beveled edges to prevent trips. A safe and effective entry mat will increase safety not create hazards.

Entry mat’s help’s protect your flooring not damage it.

Entry mats are the first line of defense scraping, brushing, capturing and absorbing dirt, debris and moisture. This helps to ensure soles of shoes are clean before they reach the internal floor surface, and stopping the spread of dirt and moisture at the door. Dirt and moisture tracked in by visitors can cause scratches, scuffs and general damage to interior floor surfaces. Repair works to return the floor to its original condition can be very expensive. Entrance matting can stop the ingress of damaging debris, helping to keep the floor looking clean, fresh and undamaged for longer.

Reduced interior cleaning and maintenance costs

More than 80 per cent of dirt and debris within a building is tracked in on the bottom of shoes. However, placing an effective entrance mat can remove up to 75 per cent of this dirt from the soles of shoes right at the entrance, reducing the amount of cleaning required elsewhere within the building.

Creating great First impressions with an entry mat

A building’s overall appearance is often the basis for first impressions; a tidy entrance can, therefore, do wonders for creating a welcoming environment for visitors. Entrance mats offer a broad range of options including personalised logo mats. While aesthetics are an important consideration, function and performance far outweigh the visual appeal of entrance mats.

Improving indoor air quality with a entry mat

Environmental programs such as LEED consider the building’s indoor air quality during assessments. Entrance matting systems can actually contribute to a good assessment by removing dust and other particulates at the door and helping improve the indoor air quality of the building, making it cleaner and safer for all occupants.

Maintaining entrance mats

Entrance mats in buildings should be regularly cleaned and assessed to confirm they are indeed performing all of these functions. If more dirt and moisture are being tracked into the building despite regular cleaning and maintenance, it might be time to replace the mat before it becomes a health hazard and a safety risk.

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