Mat well frames, hold your recessed mat in place and protect surrounding floor coving edges

13 Nov, 2012 - By mattek

Manufactured from marine grade clear anodised aluminium, Mat TEK® now has mat well frames available that can be custom made to size. Designed to surround the mat and complete the refined look of a recessed mat our mat well frames also prevent the fragile edges of surrounding floor covering edges from chipping or cracking by supporting the edge, the mat well frame then becomes the first line of defence! Designed to accommodate our complete range of recessed entrance mats and hold the matting in place to prevent movement when in service. The aluminium frame comes complete with corner gussets to hold the mat well frame square and can be fixed to the subfloor with countersunk screws or bonded using a construction adhesive. For additional product information please visit the matwell frame product page in the accessories sub category.

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