Industrial Athlete: Building a Safe Work Environment for Industry Workers

15 Sep, 2017 - By mattek

Many industrial jobs require a fair bit of physical exertion. Whether it requires lifting, digging, or operating heavy machinery, the typical industry worker’s body is subjected to a lot of stress. These tough working conditions have given rise to the term ‘industrial athlete’, which refers to any industry worker that makes a living using his or her physical talents. These jobs are physically demanding and will require their strength, flexibility and endurance in addition to their industrial skills.

Much like a sports athlete, industrial athletes are prone to injury. Work related injuries are not limited to industrial accidents alone – they are just as likely to be injured from straining their muscles and joints.

Knee and Joint Stress

Many industrial athletes of today spend a lot of time on their feet. Constant walking and standing can cause excessive stress on the joints, particularly on the knees and the ankles. In fact, the knees are among the most common injuries experienced by industry workers.

While the right footwear can help prevent knee injuries. The use of comfort and safety mats can make the surfaces safer and much more comfortable to stand on. Polyurethane foam and non-slip backing are much easier on the knees than hard work surfaces.

Stability and Balance

Another issue that industrial athletes face is uneven work surfaces. Uneven flooring can affect stability and balance, which in turn, can affect your worker’s posture. Even mildly uneven surfaces could create prolonged strain, particularly in the spine.

Bad posture is bad for the back and may cause long-term injury. While a safety mat may not completely flatten out uneven surfaces, it can minimise some of the strain it puts on the body.

Industrial workers need an ergonomic environment that minimises strain. It is important to be mindful and create a healthy environment for workers to work in.

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