Ecoguard® Mosaic

09 Jun, 2010 - By mattek

The EcoMat Mosaic has been developed by Mat TEK to provide an Elite and Long lasting option in Entrance Matting. This product is almost completely made of recycled products, the surface being recycled plastic bottles and the backing recycled car tyres. This product is designed for Heavy Traffic and the exclusive Mosaic look compliments all entrances. The design is a dual level construction which allows dirt, debris and water to be trapped and held preventing these elements from being tracked across your floor. Preventing this not only extends the life of your floor but also if correctly placed will significantly reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls in your facility. EcoMat Mosaic comes in roll form at 1.8m wide and can be cut to suit any sized recess or can be used as a loose laid mat with a tapered postconsumer PVC edging to reduce trip hazards.

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