Comfort Link Grit Top

  • the comfort link grit top is laid in front of a factory machine. The machine is large with multiple layers and the mat is interlocking with a yellow safety border.
  • a close up of the comfort link grit top shows a rough surface that provides friction as well as an anti fatigue surface. The holes also allow drainage.


Comfort Link Grit Top is a heavy duty, modular system used in high traffic situations. This Mat comes in interlocking pieces which lock together to form a desired shape and then come apart easily to allow for cleaning. The soft rubber formula provides relief and comfort from constant standing. Comfort Link Holed comes with large holes to allow rapid drainage of any spilt liquids, keeping the Mat surface dry. It is made from a 50/50 split of natural and nitrile rubber which gives the Mat extra longevity and grease and oil resistance. Non trip safety edges are available as an option for all four sides of the Mat and they come in a yellow option to increase visibility of mat warning of potential hazards. This mat is suitable for use in wet or dry, high use environments where comfort, relief and traction is needed from standing on a hard and wet surface. This product is stocked in one standard size

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Some of the great features include:

  • Modules join together easily and quickly to form a desired shape and size Mat
  • Mats come apart easily for cleaning or modifying purposes
  • Soft rubber formula provides relief and comfort when standing
  • Silicon carbide pieces moulded into top surface to give the Mat unparalleled traction, even in high wet or oily areas
  • Made from 25% nitrile rubber which resists the damaging effects from fats, greases and oils
  • Large holes allow the rapid drainage of spilt liquids
  • Non trip bevelled edges are available as an option for added safety and to reduce the chance of tripping on mat edges
  • Available with yellow safety borders to warn of potential hazards
  • Can be configured with any other product from the ‘Comfort Link’ range


  • Warranty: 12 Months

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