ANTI-FATIGUE MATTING for clean warehouses – Situation of the Week 29/52

05 Sep, 2014 - By mattek

MATTEK offer many options when it comes to Anti-Fatigue Matting for clean warehouses.

Our most popular options are:


Soft Foot matting is rugged and made from durable closed cell vinyl sponge.

It has a comfortable cushion surface with non slip ribs and bevelled edges.

Soft Foot can be cut to desired shape, is easy to clean and is ideal for use in clean, dry warehouses.

Soft Foot_Black_Yellow Border Soft Foot (1)


Soft Foot Diamond Deluxe has all the great properties of the Soft Foot Matting.

The raised diamond pattern prevents slipping.




Diamond Foot has a slip resistant, hard wearing and chemical resistant surface.

The resilient sponge base enhances comfort.

Ideal for all dry areas including warehouses and workstations, Diamond Foot is available in solid black and black with either a yellow or chevron border.

Diamond Foot Black lr Diamond Foot Chevron Border Diamond Foot Yellow Border



Dura Step offers a unique combination of comfort and wear features.

The non-slip rubber surface relieves strain on legs.

Suction caps on the underside assists mat adhesion to the floor.

Dura Step is ideal for demanding work areas – wet or dry.


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