A cable protector and doormat all in one!

31 Dec, 2010 - By mattek

The Mat TEK Research & Development team has designed the Cable Safe™, a cable protector and doormat all in one! This product not only eliminates trip hazard’s that are caused from cables running across a pedestrian walkway, this also works as an Entrance Mat cleaning and drying your feet preventing slips in the workplace from wet floors and providing a cleaner facility. The Cable Safe™ is manufactured in black with a high visibility striped yellow border high lighting the need for caution, the nonskid backing is ideal for any floor surface and is grease and oil resistant making the cable safe ideal for factories, warehouses, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, mechanic workshops etc. The reinforced underside of the Cable Safe™ encases the cables protecting them from wheeled and foot traffic. Cleaning the Cable Safe™ is easy, and is also fully machine washable. For further information on the Cable Safe™ or the Mat TEK range of mats & matting simply call 1300 536 927 or email us on the Contact Us page.

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