Why Logo Mats are an Effective Branding Tool

3 Nov, 2017

Every business owner wants their target audience to have a positive lasting impression about their business. They can do this by placing their business’ promotional materials in and out of their store. For instance, brochures about a business’ products or services can be handed out by staff outside the store. TV monitors showing a company video that invites customers to take advantage of their products or services can be installed in high foot traffic areas in the store.

Customised doormats are an effective promotional material that leaves a great impression from the moment a customer approaches the entrance of a store.

Brand Awareness

Logo mats provide businesses with an opportunity to promote their brand and create a lasting impression on a customer. They are usually placed in high foot traffic areas in and out of a store. The colour of the mat and company logo attracts customers, and it helps set the tone for anyone who goes inside a store. Having an outdoor logo mat for your store gives a strong first impression to your customers. It gives the impression that your company is professional and welcomes customers to go inside your store.

MatTek’s Various Logo Mats

Not only can logo mats promote a company’s image, but of course, they remove soil and grime from a customer’s footwear. Our Coir and Tough Scrape designs have coarse fibres and bristles that are excellent at removing dirt and debris from footwear. It also has a moisture absorbent surface that dries footwear efficiently, which prevents slips and falls.

If you are worried that the logo on the mat will eventually fade, you can select our True Grip design. It is made of 100 percent nitrile rubber and is efficient at removing dirt from footwear. The logo is moulded into the rubber and covered with a strong, clear coating that ensures the logo will always remain clear.

Using our logo mats enhances your store’s brand image, and it helps keep your store’s interior clean from dirt and grime from footwear.

If you want to inquire about our various logo mats, call 1300 365 012.

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