ULTRA STAND – Product of the Week – 46/2014

30 Nov, 2014 - By mattek

ULTRA STAND is an extremely comfortable anti-fatigue mat for demanding work areas. This product is used in food preparation areas, processing areas, laboratories or operating theatres.

Some of the excellent features include:

  • Comfortable – provides relief from constant standing
  • Non-slip base and top – reduces trips and slips
  • Closed cell foam structure – does not absorb liquids
  • Easy to clean – auto clavable or machine washable
  • Made from nitrile rubber – resistant to chemicals, greases and oils
  • Anti-microbial
  • Holed option – liquids drain from mat surface easily

Ultra Stand is available in Black, Black with a yellow border or white.

There are two standard sizes (610 x 915mm & 915 x 1525mm – 17mm thick).  The product can also be custom made to your measurements.

Ultra Stand Mat Holed Detail HR Ultrastand Ultra stand_white_lr


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