Logo Mat – Coir Design is an ideal personalized entrance mat for high traffic areas, either indoor or covered outdoor.  Ideally used recessed, this product can also be edged with heavy duty edging for loose laid applications.  Manufactured from 100% natural coconut fibre bonded to a PVC backing, this product is environment friendly and will happily withstand heavy foot traffic.  The coarse coir bristles provide excellent scraping to the base of footwear whilst being extremely moisture absorbent.  PVC Backed Coir is available in natural colouring as well as black and grey (both options are fully dyed and will not fade).   Available in a thickness of 17mm and in roll widths of  1000mm and 2000mm, Logo Mat – Coir Design can be tailored to your measurements.

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Some of the great features include:

  • Indoor and covered outdoor mat for high traffic entrances
  • High moisture absorption
  • Coarse bristle fibres provide excellent scraping to the base of footwear
  • PVC backing reduces the dislodging of coir fibres
  • Environmentally friendly product


  • Warranty: 12 Months