Product Of The Week – COMFORT LINK TILES

13 Jun, 2013 - By mattek

COMFORT LINK-HOLED and COMFORT LINK-SOLID is an interlocking rubber tile which is used for antifatigue and anit-slip purposes. COMFORT LINK-HOLED is ideal for use in bars, change rooms, kitchens, wash up areas, walkways or at workstations, plus many more demanding applications. COMFORT LINK-HOLED is available in thee options: General Purpose Black, Grit Top (Grease Resistant Black) and Grease Proof Terracotta. Some of the outstanding features of the COMFORT LINK-HOLED tile are the interlocking design which makes it easy to link mats to form a desired shape for your area, the Anti-Fatigue qualities provide relief from constant standing, Slip Resistant provides secure footing in wet areas, this tile is Hardwearing in demanding work areas, the Bevelled Edges (available in Black or Yellow) eliminate trips on mat edges and provides access for wheeled traffic. The Grease Proof Option is best used in areas with high grease or oil use. The Grit Top Option is best used in very slippery areas. COMFORT LINK-SOLID is ideal for use in dry areas such as change rooms, production lines, walkways or at workstations, plus many other demanding applications. The COMFORT LINK-SOLID tile has the same Interlocking, Anti-Fatigue, Slip-Resistant and Hardwearing qualities as the COMFORT LINK-HOLED tile and is also available with Bevelled edges in Black or Yellow. With so many options to choose from, there is sure to be a tile to match your Customers needs. Call our Sales Team today for more information on this versatile product or to place an order today

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