Commercial Kitchens – Situation of the Week 41/2014

17 Nov, 2014 - By mattek

Mattek provide many solutions for matting for Commercial Kitchens.

A few of our best are:


Safety Cushion Grease Proof is a comfortable, non-slip safety mat for wet or dry areas.  It is used behind bars and counters, in factories, food preparation areas and near machinery. Safety Cushion Grease Proof is ideal in kitchens, at work benches or work stations.

Some of the great features include:

  • Soft rubber compound relieves the strain of constant standing
  • Honeycomb design surface provides grip in wet areas
  • Drainage holes keep mat surface dry, preventing slips
  • Bevelled edges eliminate trips and falls on mat edges
  • High nitrile rubber content ensures mat will not deteriorate in areas with high grease and oil usage

Safety Cushion Grease Proof is available in two standard sizes (600 x 900mm and 900 x 1500mm) and can be custom sized to your requirements.

Safety Cushion Grease Proof Corner HR Safety Cushion Grease Proof HR


Comfort Clean is a 100% nitrile rubber mat used for anti-fatigue and anti-slip purposes.  It is used in wet or dry areas such as behind bars, counters, in food preparation, kitchen areas, laboratories, steel fabrication and industrial workshops.

Some of the great features include:

  • 100% nitrile rubber – mat is resistant to greases, oils and common chemicals
  • Closed cell ‘sponge’ formula – provides relief from constant standing
  • Anti-microbial – resists growth of bacteria and microbes on mat
  • Raised lugs on surface – provide excellent traction and keep mat surface dry
  • Bevelled edges – eliminates trips or falls on mat edges
  • Easy to clean – hose, pressure, steam clean or machine wash
  • Drainage holes – allow liquids to drain from mat quickly and easily

Comfort Clean Holed is available in four standard sizes (570 x 850mm, 850 x 1440mm, 1080 x 1690mm and 850 x 2700mm) and Comfort Clean Solid in a 850 x 1440mm size.  This product can be customised to your requirements.

Comfort Clean is also available with a grit top.

comfort clean Solid Comfort Clean Holed



Some of the great features of the Maxi Grip are:

  • Raised gripper surface – provides traction in slippery areas
  • Made from 100% nitrile rubber – resists damaging effects of greases, oils & fats
  • Low profile, only 3mm thick – eliminates trips on the mat
  • Easy to clean – mat can be hosed, pressure cleaned or machine washed

Maxi Grip Full HR 2Maxi Grip Detail 2



Air Grid is a hardwearing, comfortable, non-slip anti-fatigue mat.  It is used in demanding work areas such as benches, counters, machines and work stations.  Can be used in wet areas like bars, food preparation areas and kitchens.

Some of the great features include:

  • Extremely comfortable – provides relief from constant standing
  • Leather grain pattern on surface – eliminates trips and slips on mat
  • Hard wearing – long mat life even in demanding conditions
  • Drainage channels and holes – spilt liquids drain from mat surface along channels and out holes to keep mat surface continually dry
  • Suction cups on underside – assist in steady floor adhesion
  • Yellow border option – stands out
  • Grease Proof option – means mat will not deteriorate in greasy conditions

Air Grid grease proof is available in a 900 x 1200mm size or can be customised to your measurements.

Air Grid Holed Detail




Ultra Stand is an extremely comfortable anti-fatigue mat for demanding work areas.  Used in food preparation areas, processing areas, laboratories and operating theatres.

Some of the great features include:

  • Comfort – provides relief from standing
  • Non-slip base and top – reduces trips and slips
  • Closed cell foam structure – does not absorb liquids
  • Easy to clean – autoclavable or machine washable
  • Made from nitrile rubber – resistant to chemicals, greases and oils.  Anti-microbial
  • Holed option – liquids drain from mat surface easily

Ultra Stand is available in two standard sizes (610 x 915mm and 915 x 1525mm) and can be customised to your measurements.  This product is available in black, white or black with a yellow edge.

Ultrastand Ultra stand_white_lr Ultra Stand Mat Holed Detail HR


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