A durable, versatile High Traffic entrance mat – Tough Scrape

06 Dec, 2012 - By mattek

Tough Scrape entrance matting by Mat TEK is a long lasting option for high traffic entrances. The dense carpet and unique pattern scrapes and dries shoes, wheels etc. as pedestrians and trolleys move across the mat. This design means that the mat retains debris and moisture preventing this from entering you facility, however the debris is easily extracted and the mat dries quickly. The backing has been developed so that the mat can be stored rolled for extended periods and when required will unroll flat, this allows the mat to be put into operation immediately. The Tough Scrape Matting is available in a variety of sizes from small entrances to custom shaped and sized options with or without non trip edging. Should you require further information on the Tough Scrape Matting please contact our sales team on 1300 536 927.

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