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The Engineers Mat is a medium duty, 100% natural rubber, anti-slip, comfort Mat used high use situations. The honeycombed patterned surface provides traction when the mat is being walked on, and the large holes allow for rapid drainage of any spilt liquids and the containment of dropped metal shavings. This mat is suitable for use in wet or dry areas, with heavy use, where comfort, relief and traction is needed. This product is stocked in one standard size and comes either block sided or as a bevelled edged option, to allow easy access on and off for foot or wheeled traffic and to prevent trips.

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Some of the great features include:

  • Soft rubber compound provides relief and comfort when standing
  • Honeycombed patterned surface provides good traction, decreasing the risk of slips
  • Increased thickness of Mat allows for swarf and metal shavings to drop into the deep holes and keep the person standing on the mat out of them
  • Non trip bevelled edge option reduces the risk of tripping on Mat edges and is suitable for trolley wheels
  • HACCP certified for use in wet or dry areas


  • Warranty: 12 Months