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The Deluxe Scraper is a low profile aluminium matting system for high traffic situations.  Made from a combination of clear anodised aluminium, and a choice of marine grade carpet (three colour choices) or ribbed  black PVC  surface infills, this matting system is UV stablised, minimising fading including external applications.  The continuous extruded hinge mechanism allows easy ‘roll-up’ which assists in cleaning the mat well.  Deluxe Scraper is rubber backed for quietness, and can be recessed into mat wells or edged with bevelled alumiunium for non-recessed applications.  The versatility of Deluxe Scraper allows for curved, circular or custom shaped designs.  This products is custom manufactured to your dimensions.

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Some of the great features include:

  • UV stablised minimizing fading including external applications
  • Rubber backed for quietness
  • Continuous extruded hinged mechanism allows easy ‘roll-up’ which assists cleaning of the mat well
  • Custom made to your requirements – curved, circular and shaped to your design
  • 3 designer coloured fibre inserts, plus rubber


  • Warranty: 12 Months