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Whenever safety and floor protection are a concern, trust MatTek to deliver quality and performance. We are your source of heavy-duty industrial mats, available for various functions at competitive prices.

Industrial rubber mats are a critical component in industrial applications for medium to high-traffic situations. At MatTek, our industrial mats are specifically developed to meet the demands of heavy industrial use, maintaining a clean and safe environment for equipment and workers. Our mats are suitable in wet or dry conditions where comfort and traction are needed.

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MatTek has a range of industrial mats suitable for engineering, agricultural, industrial and steel fabrication work areas. Our matting products include anti-fatigue mats, nonslip safety edges and interlocking tiles.

We have anti-fatigue and anti-slip mats used in dry areas, such as product lines, change rooms, walkways or workstations, as well as other demanding applications. We also have hard-wearing, modular, anti-fatigue systems ideally used for checkouts, counters, workbenches and machines.

Our industrial mats for wet areas boast extra longevity and excellent grease and oil resistance. They come with large holes to allow fast drainage of any spilt liquids, keeping the surface dry. Our anti-fatigue mats are made with soft rubber formula, providing comfort and relief from constant standing.


At MatTek, we produce our mats with high-quality materials for superior protection against fatigue, slips, moisture and medium to high traffic. We have dedicated customer support, high-quality products and 44 years of experience in the industry. Our team can recommend the best products that meet your needs and requirements.

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