Welcome Door Mats

It’s simply good manners to have a welcome mat, but that’s not the only reason why your door should have one. A welcome mat also helps to prevent dirt from being tracked inside, because most people instinctively wipe their shoes when they see a welcome mat.
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Not just any welcome mat will do

You should definitely avoid the traditional welcome mats made from coir, hemp, and other natural fibres. The problem with these products is they’re literal breeding grounds for bacteria, and they’re also really prone to rotting and stinking.

It’s not easy at all to give a friendly welcome with a stinking rotten mat. Thankfully, due to modern technology, you don’t need to live with that kind of problem. Modern welcome mats are made from artificial materials that can include foam, rubber, plastic, and combinations of all three.

These modern mats can come in a wide variety of colours and designs, plus they are stronger than natural materials and will last a really long time. Properly designed modern welcome mats also can do a superior job of cleaning shoes compared to mats made from traditional materials, and because they are waterproof, it means it’s really easy to clean the mat whenever you need to.

MatTek makes the best doormats

MatTek is a leading Australian innovator in floor mat technology, and we make mats that suit all kinds of purposes. For welcome mats, we can’t be beat for quality and value.

Our mats are designed for safety, hygiene, durability, and versatility. Plus we make designs that will add genuine aesthetic appeal to the entrance of your home or business.

We can even help you choose exactly the right kind of doormat to meet your needs. You can call us on 1300 365 012 for any kind of advice related to mats, whether for home or industrial use.

A better quality doormat starts with better quality materials

One of the things that makes MatTek mats so good is that we use high-quality source materials to make our mats from. We choose materials that are known to provide durable results, among other important factors that we also rate highly.

For example, it is important, especially for welcome mats, that colours will not fade, and that the mat won’t suffer undue damage from exposure to the elements.

Every exterior door should have a welcome mat

Traction is also really crucial. Neither side of the mat should be slippery. The mat is supposed to stay where it is put until it is lifted away, and obviously, also you don’t want anybody slipping on the mat.

When you buy a mat from MatTek, you don’t have to worry about any problems. We are careful in the design and manufacture of every product we make, which is why you can buy from us with complete confidence.

Get your new welcome mats today. You can buy them directly from us by calling 1300 365 012, or if you decide to buy from a retail outlet, insist on MatTek for complete assurance of safety and quality.

MatTek specialises in anti fatigue mats, rubber mat rolls, custom logo mats, chair mats, coir mats, entrance mats, outdoor mats, anti slip mats, shower mats, pool mats, runner mats, standing desk mats, cable cover mats and foam comfort mats.

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