Absorbent Mats

In any place you have machinery that is prone to leaking contaminants, you need a safe way to quickly absorb an neutralize the offending chemicals. Absorbent mats are especially designed to cope with this task, drawing potentially harmful chemicals from the mat surface deep into the interior of the mat body.
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Helps prevent slips, odours, respiratory dangers, and harmful skin contact

An absorbent mat provides the first line of defence when it comes to potentially dangerous spills. Of course, there should be secondary protections such as ventilation, extraction fans, fire hoses and spill kits available as reinforcement, but your absorbent mat will do the lion’s share of the work when it comes to containing a spill.

By pulling the harmful substances away from the mat surface and into the interior of the mat, it reduces the potential for contact with the contaminant. Because the interior is inert to reaction most chemicals, the mats provide the safest way to contain spills.

An example of industrial application for absorbent mats

One excellent example of an environment where spills have the potential to do great damage is provided by the railroad industry. We’re not talking here about high volume dramatic spills that occur in the event of crashes or derailments (although those can certainly be a huge problem). We’re talking about the tiny spills and leaks that can occur steadily over a long time and then build up to a big problem.

Rail companies that transport chemicals, or where significant oil leaks might be possible, may use absorbent matting to protect the rail beds by placing the matting at critical points where rail cars can be expected to idle for long periods.

Without this matting, the spills could lead to dangerous conditions, harmful to the rails, the rail bed, and of course the environment as well. Adding the matting is inexpensive and easy, and helps save the rail companies from costly damage.

Applications for a water absorbent mat

Oil and grease are not the only substances that can create a slipping hazard. In certain types of installations, especially in places where people might be prone to falling such as residential care facilities for the elderly, water can be just as much of a potential problem.

You can add water absorbent mats to bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, and other areas where abundant quantities of water can be expected to hit the floor. These mats are capable of absorbing more than just water, so they’ll also protect you from other kinds of spills when necessary.

When you’re ready to buy an absorbent mat, choose MatTek

MatTek is Australia’s leading manufacturer of floor mats. We are specialists in mat technology, and we provide mats for all kinds of installations from ordinary home use to large industrial plants.

Whatever kind of floor mats you require, you can count on MatTek to provide products to meet your needs. To find out more about our products, or to place an order, call 1300 365 012.

Improve industrial safety with an absorbent mat

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