ANCHORMAT ECO-KLEAR – Product of the Week 10/2014

4 Mar, 2014

ANCHORMAT ECO-KLEAR is made from tough and durable composite polyester, which is impact and shatter resistant.  It will outlast polycarbonate 3 to 1.

ANCHORMAT ECO-KLEAR formulation is free of toxic substances such as BPA, EA and phthalate.  The manufacturing process of the ANCHORMAT ECO-KLEAR will produce 45% less greenhouse gas than polycarbonate.

ANCHORMAT ECO-KLEAR is unparalleled in its sparkling clear and brilliant look.

ANCHORMAT ECO-KLEAR is available with anchors for carpeted surfaces or no anchors for hard floors, between 6-9mm thick including underlay.

ANCHORMAT ECO-KLEAR will allow smooth easy chair movement and surface will not dent or dimple.


Available in three sizes:

  • 900 x 1225mm (Secretary)
  • 1150 x 1350mm (Executive)
  • 1160 x 1225mm (Diplomat)

With anchors or without (for hard surfaces).

Give our friendly Sales Team a call today for more information on this environmentally minded, durable product.



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