Prevent Static Shocks and reduce Fatigue with the Conductive Diamond Foot

31 Oct, 2012

Conductive Diamond Foot is an Anti Static Anti Fatigue Mat providing a high level of comfort to operators while protecting them from static shocks. With the same unique construction as the standard Diamond Foot using “no glue bond” technology, this prevents the Rubberised Vinyl surface delaminating from the closed cell PVC (polyvinyl chloride) foam underside. Delaminating causes the plastic surface to bubble creating a trip hazard. This mat has the following ratings RTT – 104 -105 ohms, RTG – 104 – 105 ohms. The mat has bevelled edges on all sides to prevent trips and falls and makes wheeling light wheeled traffic over the mat an effortless operation. A grounding cord to suit is also available to increase the static dissipation from the mat.

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